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APP Indonesia's Pulpwood Suppliers

APP Indonesia's Pulpwood Suppliers

APP’s pulpwood suppliers have gone through a robust SERA (Supplier Evaluation and Risk Assessment) process to ensure that the pulpwood we source originate from responsibly managed plantations. All our pulpwood suppliers are verified under PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification) scheme and certified with PHPL - VLK (SVLK, Timber Legality Verification System).

Below are the list for pulpwood and woodchips suppliers that have supplied to APP Indonesia operation. 

APP Indonesia Long-term Pulpwood Suppliers

APP Indonesia Long-term Pulpwood Suppliers = pulpwood suppliers who supply exclusively to APP Indonesia, under a long-term contract period. 

APP Indonesia's approved continuous suppliers

APP Indonesia Continuous Pulpwood Suppliers are the pulpwood suppliers whose supply comes from one concession continuously (more than one Annual Work Plan period). Currently APP Indonesia does not have pulpwood suppliers within this category. 

Below are the list of pulpwood suppliers who supplied APP Indonesia as a Continuous Pulpwood Suppliers in the past:

  1. Acacia Forest Industries
  2. Allied Natural Wood Export
  3. Duc Hai Co., Ltd
  4. Global Woodchips Trading
  5. Korintiga Hutani
  6. NCT Forestry Co. Ltd
  7. Sabah Softwood Berhad
  8. Thanh Hoa Co., Ltd
  9. Midway Limited
  10. Red Sea Woodchips Co. Ltd
  11. The Siam Company Forestry Limited
  12. Luong Son Joint Stock Company
  13. Vina Woodchip Company Limited
  14. KTS Log Marketing SDN BHD


APP Indonesia's approved one-time suppliers

APP Indonesia One-Time Pulpwood Suppliers are the pulpwood suppliers whose supply is restricted to specific approved harvesting location based on one agreed Annual Work Plan (annual allowable cut).

No. Suppliers name Description Contract Period
      Start Finish
1 KTS Timber SDN BHD  Closed 24-Apr-18 31-Dec-18
2 Hao Hung  Closed 16-Oct-18 15-Jul-19
3 DHT Invimex Corporation  Closed 11-Nov-18 15-Jul-19
4 Forico Pty Ltd Closed 16-Aug-18 07-Oct-18
5 CTY TNHH Phu Dong Closed 17-Oct-18 05-Feb-19
6 Bright Wood Sdn.Bhd. Closed 29-Oct-18


7 Pisico Quang Nam Forest Product Joint Stock Company Closed 12-Feb-19 15-Jul-19
8 Hutan Hak IKPP Supply   24-Aug-30
9 PT Artelindo Wiratama Supply 26 Nov-20 31-Dec-23
10 Hutan Hak Lontar Supply   28-Dec-30
11 IPK PT Wana Subur Sawit Indah Supply   19-Apr-23
12  Perum, Perhutani KPH Banten Supply   18-May-26
13  PT Kubu Mulia Forestry Supply   15-Dec-24


APP Indonesia's approved community forest suppliers

APP accepts community forestry suppliers in line with our efforts to foster sustainable livelihoods in the landscapes where we are active and in support of the Government of Indonesia’s social forestry objectives.

Below are the list of community forests supplying to APP Indonesia operation :

  • KTH Lubuk Jambi
  • KTH Jabung Jaya Bersama
  • KT Musi Maju Jaya
  • CV Angkasa Prima Abadi
  • Gabungan Koperasi Rimbo Kehidupan Lestari
  • KTH Siak Siap
  • Koperasi Produsen Satu Hati Penyengat
  • TPKRT PT Akasia Sukses Makmur
  • Koperasi Rawa Makmur Jaya
  • KTH Putri Hijau
  • Gapoktan Camar Bulan
  • Gapoktan Sidomulyo
  • Gapoktan Sekayam Jaya Mandiri