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Grievance Short Description


Stakeholders act as constructive partners in helping us to monitor and improve the implementation of our sustainability commitments. Therefore we have developed grievance policy, grievance procedure to address any issues of concern that they might raise in connection with APP’s sustainability commitments, which are the Sustainability Roadmap and the Forest Conservation Policy, and its implementation. Any stakeholder, whether individuals, governments, or non-governmental organization can submit their grievance related to the implementation of APP’s sustainability commitment through this grievance procedure.

Details on how we process, investigate and verify grievances on Sustainability issue can be found in Grievance Flow document.

 A summary of all the grievances on Sustainability issue that we have received and dealt with to date, as well as their corresponding verification report, can be found on the Grievance List.

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Submitting Your Grievance

It is highly important to submit evidences to support the grievance, in order to allow the team to take field verification and develop verification reports.


Submiting Your Grievance

To submit evidence, please send to: